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  1. ALL GUESTS MUST REGISTER AT THE GENERAL OFFICE with a valid driver's license or State ID that matches the name on the reservation.

  2. RV SITES: check-in time at 1:00 pm and check-out time by 11:00 am.
    MOBILE HOME RENTALS: check-in time at 3:00 pm and check-out time by 11:00 am.
    NO REFUNDS for early departures.

  3. Portable fire pits with a covered lid are allowed at your site however they must be kept on your concrete slab.
    OPEN FIRES OR FIRE PITS ARE PROHIBITED ON THE BEACH per the Town of Fort Myers Beach ordinance. 

  4. No pools of any size are allowed in the park. 

  5. Please use only designated walk ways to access the beach and park facilities. DO NOT walk through other campsites.

  6. Please note, some sites do not accommodate a vehicle. Those that do, there is only ONE VEHICLE allowed at the site. PARKING ON CONCRETE PADS OR ANY OPEN SITES IS PROHIBITED. VIOLATORS WILL TOWED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.

  7. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

  8. Generators are not allowed to be used while on premises.

  9. NO STORAGE for boats, jet skis, canoes or cargo trailers etc. of any size.

  10. The cleanliness of the shower and restrooms is each and everyone's responsibility. Please inform us if there is a problem.

  11. Small children must be accompanied by an adult in restrooms, showers, shuffleboard court, clubhouse and beach.

  12. GARBAGE MAY BE TAKEN TO ONE OF OUR COLLECTION AREAS 7 DAYS A WEEK. Our collection areas are located: (1) in front of the beachside shower facilities or (2) at the back of the park side, in the fenced in area, operating hours are 8:00am-6:00pm. PLEASE SEPARATE ALL RECYCLABLE ITEMS AND BRING THEM TO THE RECYCLING CENTERS. Also please break down boxes.

  13. 5th Wheels are unable to stay on the front row of the Beachside.

  14. WASHING any type of RV Unit or car is prohibited, unless the $25.00 water usage fee is paid for in the office.

  15. Florida Health Department Regulations require every unit to have a sewer collar. Collars are available for sale in the office.

  16. DEPOSITS WILL BE FORFEITED UNLESS WRITTEN NOTICE OF CANCELLATION IS RECEIVED 3 DAYS PRIOR to scheduled date of arrival. An administrative fee of 10%, minimum $10.00 will be charged on any refund. Any changes to dates will also be charged the same administrative fee.
    Holiday weekends require a 3-night minimum and require a one-night deposit.

  17. Red Coconut is not responsible for electrical surges or damages caused to RV Units; we recommend using a power surge protector at all times.

  18. **PETS: Cleaning up after them is your obligation! No pets are to be left unattended. Excessive barking is not permitted. Current Rabies vaccination with expiration date must be presented at check-in (Must be rabies certificate, dog tags WILL NOT be accepted). Pets are an extra charge. All pets regardless of size must be under complete control of the owner at all times. Limit of 3 pets per site. We reserve the right to refuse any aggressive pets. Should any pet display any signs of aggressiveness after admission the guest shall be required to leave the premises and thus terminating their stay at the resort. We cannot accept any pure or mixes of the following breeds. However, we reserve the right to add to this list at our discretion: Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Dobermans, German Shepherd, American Bulldog, Dalmatians, Akita, and Staffordshire Terrier.

  19. Turtle time May 1st-November 1st. please read separate insert located inside brochure.

  20. Any changes to dates, can be made prior to 72 hours before arrival, and will be charged the same administrative fee. Deposits are forfeited after the 72-hour cutoff.

  21. Please notify us prior to purchasing a new RV. Because we are a vintage park, not all sites fit the same size units. We will need to know the accurate exterior length of the new RV. This includes the hitch (for travel trailers), any slide outs, bike racks, etc. If you arrive without notifying us and your unit does not fit on the reserved site, you could possibly be turned away based on occupancy.

  22. Our insurance company is now requiring a waiver form to be signed by the guests each time they stay with us. You will have to sign this document during the check in process. Please review the form carefully, this waiver is non-negotiable and required to be signed by everyone who stays in the park. If you choose not to sign the waiver form, please contact our office as we will have no other choice but to cancel your reservation and refund your deposit back to you. Please click here for a copy of the waiver form.

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